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Little Bear Creek Linear Park is one of the most popular hiking trails in Benbrook, Texas, and the second largest in Texas. The path stretches for over a mile before it is closed off and a short path joins the obstacle course. White Rock Lake is connected by two hiking trails, the Red River Trail and the Red Rock Trail, both of which are connected to Little Bear Creek and its tributaries.

The heavily wooded Spring Creek Trail also provides a natural retreat, as it shares its name with the picturesque creek. The Fish Creek Trail connects Grand Prairie and Arlington and runs through the neighborhoods, connecting the East Benbrook, South Ben Brook and South Park neighborhoods to the north and south.

Whether you want to hike in the wilderness or just spend a family day, each of the parks in the area has something to offer. The closest Benbrook is the Fort Bend County Park and Recreation Center, just a few blocks away.

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You can download the PDF version of the Benbrook, TX map so you can easily reach it when you travel over the Internet. If you are looking for more information about the local attractions you want to visit, you have the option to find and save directions for future use.

GPS maps and self-guided tours on the Benbrook , TX attractions are located at 130 E. Exchange Ave. GPS maps, self-guided tours and more are also available on Ben Brook Texas Travel's Facebook page.

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Due to its wooded terrain, Dinosaur Valley State Park is home to many animal species, including beavers, skunks and coyotes. Some of these animals can be spotted during your visit, as can the upcoming Colony Shoreline Trail (TCST) through the park.

The Town Creek Hike & Bike Trail winds through the heart of Weatherford, and travelers enjoy the natural woodland along the creek. The Gaylord Texan Trail offers forest views and circular routes around the city, and offers picturesque views of the city and its historic buildings, as well as the nearby city.

White limestone rocks line the banks of the creek, and blaze nets and other Texas wildflowers are scattered throughout the complex. The Lone Star Ranch Trail leads along a tree - a green path through upscale homes flanked by burning ones - across the prairie in Frisco, the northern suburb of Dallas. This path in East Dallas runs 5.5 miles along an unused Southern Pacific Railroad (SoPac) that belongs to DART. T operates in major entertainment districts such as the Dallas Convention Center, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and the Texas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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More About Benbrook